Day 44 of A Life Less Plastic: stealth plastic

March 29, 2018

It’s the pointless plastic seal around the lid of your glass jar of honey.


It’s the plastic bag of rice, concealed in cardboard.


It’s the dishwasher tablets individually wrapped in plastic, after you deliberately bought them in a box.


It’s the unnecessary bubble wrap and pointless polystyrene packaging beads in the parcel that came to your house. 


It’s the pull-off unrecyclable waxy paper on the flap of your paper envelope.


It’s the discovery that teabags are sealed with polypropylene and don’t actually compost properly.


It’s stealth plastic. And despite our very best efforts, there's just no avoiding it. 


This isn't just a problem happening in the Pacific Ocean; last week it was reported that the River Tame in Denton has the highest levels of microplastic pollution anywhere in the world, with twice the levels recorded anywhere previously. Sure, things seem like they may be slowly changing: Greater Manchester this week called for a ban single-use plastic by 2020, in particular party balloons, straws, coffee cups, water bottles and mini portions of jam and butter. But when stealth plastic is hidden in and around our products - often without any real purpose - it makes it even more difficult to avoid it. 


This all feels a bit depressing - I'm sorry. It's been a long seven weeks. But it's nearly over and my children and I have made some wonderful artwork with the plastic HAVE used, which I'll post on Sunday. 


Until then, here's a challenge. On your next grocery shop, just try once - just once - to do a plastic-free shop. Let me know your results - I'd really love to hear what you think. 









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