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Days seven, eight and nine of A Life Less Plastic: the kitchen conundrum

February 22, 2018

Someone really needs to write a recipe book full of easy meals that don’t involve plastic because it’s making my tired old brain even more tired thinking up recipes that will (a) be plastic-free and (b) be acceptable to the palates of our two small humans.


Some meals we’ve eaten over the last nine days include: sausages and mash, a chicken tray bake thingy, baked potatoes and beans, omelette, steak and homemade chips, and fish fingers and waffles (I was having a bad day and they come in cardboard boxes, so what the hell). All meat is bought from the butchers in Tupperware containers that I take with me; all fruit and veg is bought from the greengrocers or without plastic wrapping in supermarkets. Good planning is key, otherwise you end up like we did a few days ago, leaving it too late in the day and having to raid your freezer for foods (usually in plastic).


Things I need to remember to make: some kind of pie, toad in the hole, a roast, perhaps? Stew? Fish pie, if I can get to the market and if the fishmonger doesn’t think I’m insane when I hand him my plastic container.


None of the above involves pasta, unfortunately. There’s lasagne (a bit of a faff to make) and possibly some spaghetti (if you can find it) but the normal, twisty, twirly, fun-shaped pasta is all off-limits because I just can’t find it without plastic packaging. Which is completely ridiculous. It’s hardly going to go off; why can’t it be in a cardboard box? Hey ho.


And my husband wants crisps. I want crisps. And Maltesers. And a Twirl. And ohhh… so many other illicit treats. My son wants marshmallows, but he’s having to make do with homemade flapjack until I can source gelatin sold without plastic so we can attempt a marshmallow recipe. This would have been fine if I’d not accidentally cooked the flapjack to a crisp (ohhh, crisps). Sorry dude. 


But it could be worse. We could be Nigella, who, in a recipe for a traybake that I found the other day, said this:


“Turn everything together in the pan, breaking up any large clumps of the frozen peas, until well mixed. I advise you to wear disposable vinyl gloves for this, as you will feel the cold.”




Over and out.





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