Day two of A Life Less Plastic: birthdays and bin confiscation

February 15, 2018

It’s day two of our plastic boycott and I’ve confiscated our kitchen bin.


“You’ve... confiscated the kitchen bin,” my husband repeats slowly. “Really?”


Indeed I have. We recycle most things and we’re saving any plastic we do use to see how much we have at the end of the 40 days, so we theoretically have very little rubbish.


The only dilemma is food waste. We accidentally managed to bake alive the worms in our wormery during one of last year’s heat waves, so as well as having the genocide of hundreds of invertebrates on our hands, we also have nowhere to put the yukky squidged up leftovers that the kids have chucked on the floor. So I’m trialling this: an origami paper bag made out of a broadsheet newspaper.


 Me with a paper bin that looks remarkably like a sick bag.


There’s a really easy tutorial on Youtube, demo-ed by a child, which proves that it’s definitely not rocket science. And I figure that as long as we don’t put, like, soup in it or anything and that we take it out at the end of each day, then it should work pretty well.


“But I don’t buy papers any more – this is 2018, Jules, for God’s sake!”


It’s true – I actually had to buy a paper for this. My Mum, however, has a big old stack, which I’m going to purloin for this purpose.  




Um… do it whilst watching the Olympic Figure Skating? I don’t know – I’m just trying to think of things to facilitate my daft experiment! Oh, and you'll also have to convince your family that you're not going mad. 


Anyway… despite our best intentions, we have used plastic today – mostly due to the unavoidable circumstance of my husband’s birthday.


Today’s list of shame:


  • Plastic envelope that one of my husband’s birthday presents arrived in (which we can use again)

  • The plastic thing that one of his presents was boxed in

  • The clear plastic window on the box of birthday chocolates

  • Two plastic lolly sticks that my kids came home with yesterday

  • The plastic backing that stickers come on – my son’s Star Wars ones and the back of sticky Royal Mail stamps too

  • The nappy that our youngest wore last night (not pictured!).


But on the whole: a good, if slightly contentious start.





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